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  • Racquel Townsend

How to make life... for kids!

My name is Bianca, and I have been holding a big secret. A while ago I was told a story that I DID NOT BELIEVE, but I soon realized this would change my life forever. I want to tell you, but you have to promise to keep it a secret! Do you promise?

Well, here it goes… A long time ago, when I was 5 years old, my grandfather told me a story. It was about a magical place, a place he had never been before but was told about when he was young. He told me that we are all born for a reason, WITH A SPECIAL purpose on earth. Some people are doctors, policemen, or teachers. Others go to school and have families like you and me. Most people don’t fully understand their purpose, but some do, knowing exactly what was meant for them, knowing why we are here, how to live, and use their own individual powerful secret made in each of them.

At the beginning of time, a group of those people was sent away to a place deep inside the earth. They are the ones who watch us, helping each one of us when we need them the most. Some of them look like us, but others are magical creatures. This place is called… VITALIA.

Vitalia is the most beautiful place ever. It is so magnificent, full of life, and full of everything great! The landscape is RICH, Bright, and vibrant. Every morning there is a sparkling glow that starts each day. The trees there are enormous holding the food of this land. There are Apple trees, Cheery trees, and banana trees too. Rolling hills, plains of colorful flowers, and plants that hold magical gifts for all who pass their vines. Since Vitalia is inside earth I thought it would be dark and gloomy, but it is the total opposite! The sun and the moon are friends to this world within, smiling and shining both day and night.

In this world, these beings know what life is all about. They know that life is only about Good things and bad things. We are all meant to do Good but we are given a choice. If we choose Good, then we can have anything and everything we desire as long as we follow the rules of this earth. Those rules can also be known as Laws. If we chose bad, that is all we will ever see, things that are bad, things that make us feel bad, and life for the bad ones will never be how it is meant to be… Happy… Little do they know, they made that choice, and that choice can always be changed…

The Beings that live in Vitalia hold key lessons to life. It is at many times called the Recipe for life. Each of them has a purpose to share with us, being a spice to add to that recipe, get it? I know by now you might be wondering how I know so much about this world. Well, I have been there! How did I do that you ask? Easy! I wished upon a star. I say it was easy because it was something I had been wishing and hoping for since my grandfather told me about it. I was actually the second EVER to be let in. Don’t worry, no matter if you ever get to go there or not they will help you with whatever you need help with, you just have to believe and trust that they will always be there! I haven’t met everyone in this world so I can only tell you about the ones I meet and hopefully, I can tell you about my adventure too. Again, this is a secret and with this secret, you can do anything so pay attention okay?

There were seven creatures I met. First, there was Aiko and Nala, then Bruadar, next came Agno, after him it was Nadia and Fay, and lastly Moxie. They each have a story to tell so I will tell it for them…

Aiko is a panda with a heart of gold. Aiko means Child of love in Japanese, which makes him a panda from Japan! Did you know that Japan has pandas? Well, they do! Aiko has the power of love by his side, and he believes that love will cure all things. He has Eyes that mesmerize. Can you see them sparkle? His black and white fur reminds me of the 101 Dalmatians. He walks with a funny waddle walk, but that just gives the character to his cute bear body. Do you see what he is holding? That is called “Lucky Bamboo” there are three fused together because it represents happiness. For generations, Aiko’s family has been the guardians of lucky bamboo. This lucky bamboo is the gateway to you and me on earth. The door is at the end of a rainbow there is a hole in the ground where the bamboo is the key. Aiko has to make sure that whatever he does it will not put him or the bamboo in harm's way.

Nala is a Pygmy Marmoset. Do you know what that is? It is the smallest monkey around. She is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! Nala is a furball with a beautiful long tail and a grip that can survive a hurricane. She is from the southern part of Africa; there weren't many of her kind there so she was sent to Vitalia to add a little something called Success to the recipe of life. Most people search for this, so she will mean a lot to everyone! I bet you didn’t know that Nala actually means Success, which made a great fit for her. Pygmy Marmoset’s don’t really like being on the ground so Nala holds on to Aiko’s Lucky Bamboo helping to drive each of us to our Ultimate success!

Wait, there is Bruadar, Shhhhh don’t wake him. He is a fruit bat who is the funniest sleeper! It’s like he is always dreaming. All he does is eat fruit and goes to sleep after. The funniest part is that he talks in his sleep too! Always, telling the stories he dreamed and making our imaginations come to life! He always says Dreams come true, and I have to tell you… They do! Do you see how he sleeps, it's like he uses his wings as a blanket. Cool right? Bruadar is a beautiful flyer but when it's time to land, he can’t so he just crashed into everything, So if he is coming your way, GET OUT OF HIS WAY!

Here comes Agno. He is a snake, what kind? I am not sure but his color is amazing. It's like his skin changes colors when it is reflected in different shades of light. Loving him is hard sometimes. Everything we do he doubts it. I call him the party pooper. He is always saying “What-if.” “What if this does not work, What if we get hurt, What if something goes wrong?” It really bothers EVERYONE! On the other hand, he makes us pay close attention to the decisions we make, planning things out before we do them, and helps us stay alert and cautious. That is needed in the world we live in, because even though we create our own lives, we have to still understand that sometimes things might not go exactly as we planned, but it is okay. So don’t expect failure just be prepared just in case! But remember “Failure, is just a word and words can’t harm you. I always say “if you fall, get back up, dust yourself off and invent a newer and better way to do what you started.” That’s what Agno has taught me…

I didn’t know something, I thought was negative, like doubting, can be seen in a positive light. I guess what Vitalia truly taught me, was that life is what you make it!

Hey, there is Nadia and Fay! Nadia is an Owl, beautiful right? She sores our nightly skies sprinkling hope everywhere she flies. Did you notice she has one green eye and the other one is blue? Her coat of feathers is all White with specs of grey, brown and black all over. I call them her beauty marks. Just looking at her makes me calm and a sense of ease that somehow inspires me. She has such grace and peaceful energy about her. Look at those eyes, they are big, colorful and they look into your soul. Fay is next to her. She is a Black leopard. The Strong and fearless she is! Confidence is Her middle name! A beauty, with her poise and certainty branded in every step she takes.

There is only one more creature I would like you to meet but I have to warn you not to be afraid at all, now look up! Over there is the tallest mountain you can see, that is Mount Redemption, The Mountain for security, self-recovery, and salvation! Salvation is a new word I learned recently, my grandpa would never tell me what a word would mean, he would tell me to go look it up in a dictionary, You can find some amazing words in that book by the way, but Salvation means to save or protect from harm or risk. Vitalians, those are the creatures, and people who live in Vitalia, look up to Mount Redemption for courage and security that everything will be fine. Moxie, the White Fox lives in that mountain and he has the courage of Ten million warriors. He prows the Mountaintops and lives in a hidden cave that you can only see if you have a good heart. Moxie has been showing us that the real courage that we all need comes from with-in. We all have more strength and powers inside of us that we give ourselves credit for.

I can never keep explaining how extraordinary these beings here are. It makes me know exactly how beautiful it is to be unique! I love being different, that is what gives me my own purpose that is different from maybe you but that does not make me better or even lower than you. It is Amazing! Moxie has a coat that is white as snow and the fur on his tail flows in the winds. He said just because he has great courage does not mean he never gets scared but with every fear he has more courage inside to conquer it! Well, that is all I can tell you now, I can’t wait until I can talk to you again. It’s past my bedtime right now so I have to go to sleep, but remember there is so much more of this secret world and you are the amazing one to get a glimpse inside through my eyes. I will be back, SHHHH don’t tell anyone.

To Be Continued…

This is the beginning of a kid's book I am writing.

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