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  • Racquel Townsend

Lost in the unknown.

I was there when Candy went to that building, not being more than maybe ten. She was trying so hard to heal him, only if he would let her in. My cousin told me to stay away from that place saying “girl it’s just not safe”, but me not understanding why and not knowing the stories that bruised and disgraced “our” race. People like “us” do not know what is right, hiding the “war wounds” with all our might. “War Wounds” being the struggle and pain, I should have gone with her, yet I left, walking away in the pouring rain.

That night while sleeping I heard a knock on my door, of someone that was weeping and crying “no more”. It was Candy’s mother, standing soaked in blood and rain, she said “Candy is sleeping but nothing will ever be the same” she asked, “why did you leave her she said she screamed your name”. Right then my heart dropped and I wished that this was just all a game. I asked “what happened, what happened momma Sue,” she said “let Candy tell you”, and that was when I knew. I knew my cousin told me for a reason. I was Candy’s protector I was her angel on earth but that night was different, right then I became less than my worth. I ran to see Candy but what I saw made me nauseous she was just laying there looking simply lifeless. I busted into tears looking at the blood and the torn skin, her face covered with mud, blood, and flesh, tar and arms bruised, white fluid and pus leaking out the wounds. I woke her as I walked in scaring her a little. I being in shock I almost did not hear her, the words “why would you leave me?” “I never thought something like this would happen” was what I mumbled trying to keep my composure. Right when I felt as though nothing else could go wrong. I looked at her eyes filled with fear and I heard her hum a little song. Hearing it get louder made me wonder where I heard that before…my father… he used to sing the same tune but how did she know it soon everything came into focus as he walked in flashes flooded my mind, and I thought back in time to that night who did she try to save? Him, my father, a slave? A slave to the enemy of drugs and sin and that’s when the reality settled in, that girl candy was me, then it came clearer I was looking at myself in the mirror.

- created at age 15

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