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  • Racquel Townsend

What is Brain candy you ask?


This is "Mind-Body medicine." or because my body craves chocolate lets call is candy. I believe, when done right it can cure all things ailing you. Try it, It can calm the soul.

Here are a few steps I take before a deep meditation:

1. Måke ∫µre you are in a √e®y Comƒortable position.
2. Use some Åroma†herapy to help you relåx mo®e.
3. Begin ßy ju∫t being aware of you® breå†hing to ∫tøp çhaotic †hink¡ng.
                          åN∂ lå∫†l¥,
4. Use some Aƒƒirmå†ions to increase you® c£n†e®...
~L£† peaçe an∂ Po∫i†ivi†y ƒlow constant...
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